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Connect your Body

It is our intention that through alternative techniques such as qigong, yogadance and nutrition, you could find supporting material that helps to create habits and keep your body in good shape.

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Is an ancient Chinese practice, a meditation in movement that combines body posture, breathing and meditation. Its purpose it to balance and flow the

Qi (vital life energy) within you, increasing your    awareness in the energy that lead you into a slow, intentional and mindful practice. This practice will  balances your enegies, your Yin (the being) and your Yang (the doing).

Tai Chi
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Vinyasa Yoga
Stretching Exercises


Is an exercise that works mind, body and soul. We use it as a tool that help you to identify your mental limitations. Understanding that most of them start in the mind. We can affirm that the more you stretch your mind the more doors you will open and the faster you’ll find solutions. The same is true for your body. Stretching your muscles improve blood flow, reduce stress and give you the balance and flexibility you need to manage your life. So why not combine it with yoga?

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Dancing on the Grass


Is a natural and ancestral expression of your body.

Your body understand rhythm naturally. Flow out from the depths of your soul. It's a way of expressing feelings, emotions and freeing yourself through it. You can express yourself using your body in motion. You can dance for your own healing, joy and pleasure; letting you be an expression of beauty, and sharing unforgetable moments with your beloved ones.

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Quinoa Salad


"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates (GoodReads, 2020)

It is vital for your life's process, that your body will be proper nourished. A healthy food is a need to your body and your soul.

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Connect Your Body with Your Mind​

  • You need to develop habits and practice them all the time.

  • In this video we want to provide you with practical rules to train your trust in yourself.​

  • Through these 12 rules proposed by Dr. Jordan Peterson (Pratical Psychology, 2019), we encourage you to practice them and to believe in your potential

  • Remember your body is the house of your mind.

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