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Empower your Soul

Healing Your Past

Aware that the process of transformation begins here and now and with yourself, we refer to mindfulness, meditation, and other introspection techniques, such as the basic human capacity to be in the present.

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10 steps to get your inner balance through Mindfulness (IMF, 2017)

  • Start with a beginner's mind

  • Do not judge

  • Be patience

  • Be present

  • Accept yourself

  • Treat everyone amiable

  • Be truthful with yourself  and others

  • Act with generosity

  • Be authentic to be brave

  • Release everything with love

Beach Meditation

Mindfulness reminds you being in the present, it is a way to know where you are going as you walk, even when you have lost yourself in thousands of thoughts during the trip. It is a vital activity to achieve coherence in your life.

Meditation is an internal journey to find the soul of each one of us, it is not an easy path, but it is vital and rewarding. Finding coherence between your mind and your body is particularly important, but it is better to find the inner power that you have. With Meditation you can reach this expected state.

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Through Meditation you will be inviting to:

  • "Discover Your Purpose and Find Fulfillment in Your Life

  • Grow in Wisdom by Deepening Your Understanding

  • Awaken Spiritually

  • Experience the Inner and Outer Peace of Connecting with Your Joy Within"

(Science of Spirituality, 2020)

With Eckhart Tolle's teachings you will understand the power of today's truth and the importance of being present in every activity you do.

Meditation is an introspection of yourself. Saint Rajinder Singh Ji give you some simple tips to have an enriching and rewarding experience

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