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Dark Charms Continues

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Eventually the future shows up everywhere ("Dark Charms" by Dorianne Laux)

But is the present the one we live, the one we have

It passes so fast, more than we wanted, more than we expected

When we realize the goals, we have reached, the effort we made

It is time to dream, not this time in the future

Is time to dream in the present we have

The gifts and blesses we received every day, in every interaction,

And we need to be thankful for the life itself, for the lessons we learned,

For the landscapes we saw, for the conversations we heard

We need to be awake every moment, to reaffirm or rethink our priorities,

Don’t miss the time!! Take advantage of it wisely

and enjoy every breath, until the time we will become part of the Earth again.

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