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Even before I speak

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

My heart beat, my mind dreamed, my soul enjoyed the silence of the environment.

All my senses were paralyzed for a while,

I was able in this moment of meditation to find my being

The inner being that gives me life, the being that is the engine of my doing and feeling.

These moments when you don't need to speak, you don't need words, they are true gifts of life.

The meaning of our existence passes in front of us

we must have enough humility and attention

to capture each of the details and messages that come to us

Even before I speak

I was a human being, a dreamer, a traveler,

it was me within the universe.

Why do we worry so much about our thoughts, and doubts?

It's just one life that we have, it's a path that we follow every time

Don't be afraid, relax and act naturally and decisively

Your gratification will undoubtedly come, it only depends on you.

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