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Power your Mind

Our purpose is to challenge you using different types of intelligence with small and playful teachings and exercises, such as creating a story through images with the purpose of developing a mental reprogramming, connecting with your sensitivity and nature.

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Develop your unique and unrepeatable intelligence

"Intelligence is not a quantity that can be measured with a number such as IQ but it is the ability to order thoughts and coordinate them with actions ”.

Howard Gardner

(IMF Business School, 2017)

Gardner (2004) pointed out 8 different inteligences:​

1. Bodily-Kinesthetic

2. Intrapersonal

3. Interpersonal

4. Naturalistic

After more than 20 years of validity of the theory of multiple intelligences (MI), a long journey was successfully overcome. In the following video, Howard Gardner clearly explained each of them and where they are applicable.

5. Musical

6. Visual-Spatial

7. Verbal-Linguistic

8. Logical-Mathematical

In the following video, from an amusing point of view, the MI theory is explained. You can enjoy, from different real situations, the real presence of MI.

These tools will assist you to develop in your learning process. You will be encourage to think out of the box, but at the same time be present in the now.

Always you must trust in yourself and in your abilities.

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All the time we are thinking about something, our mind is a non stop entity.

 The real purpose of meditation is to quiet our mind.

Dr. Joe Dispenza (2019), encouraged us with this video to leave our patterns behind and look for new ways to heal our soul and body through the change of our mind. It is necessary to connect our heart with our mind to have coherence in our life.

Our mind can heal our body.

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